Samsung SWA-5000 Wireless Speaker Adapter

Whereas wireless networking technology has been commonplace in our homes for some time now, the seemingly easier method of transferring sound wirelessly has appeared to be more difficult and is not as widespread as perhaps it should be. The truth is, that when the signal drops out even for an millisecond when listening to audio, it is instantly noticeable, whereas streaming content at least has a moment to recover and retry. Todays wireless speakers are much better than they were, and it is no surprise that the manufacturers are starting to include them more and more, which is where the Samsung SWA-5000 comes in.

Samsung SWA-5000 Wireless Speakers Receiver ModuleSamsung have released their SWA-5000 and is compatible with most of their 2010 ‘C’ range of home cinema systems such as the popular HT-C5500. The unit itself is actually one of the best looking we’ve seen, and for something that will be hidden away most of the time, Samsung should be applauded by putting in the effort to make it look good.

The Samsung SWA-5000 is fairly simple to set up – you simply plug in your speakers to the receiver unit, and plug in the included wireless transmiter card into the square slot on the back of the amplifier unt. The Samsung SWA-5000 is an amplified unit so should give you the power and volume you expect and operates at 5.8Ghz frequency.

What to consider before you buy the Samsung SWA-5000

Not a particularly cheap addition to your Samsung home cinema system, it does however provide a solution to a common problem.

Why you should buy the Samsung SWA-5000

We all crave a home cinema system that is easier to set up, and the SWA-5000 allows just that – wireless rear speakers to save having to run the often troublesome cables, and give you the ultimate convenience. Rating: 4.5/5

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