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Movie Charts by Paul Copperwaite


Movie Charts by Paul Copperwaite‘Movies Charts’ sounds like it could be a fairly regular book about the best movies of all time, but it is actually a book of bar graphs, pie-charts and diagrams about themes and questions raised in movies.

If that sounds a bit dull, when you start reading the book you soon realise that these aren’t normal graphs, these are comedy graphs about the films you love. All the important questions from your favourite movies are answered in informative and hilarious graph form, such as:

  • What are the main items in the Groundhog Day diary?
  • What does Dave think he’s doing?
  • When would a date include fava beans and a nice Chianti?

Movie Charts answers all these questions and more!

Despite their simple graphical form, the charts are very well thought out, and have come from the mind of someone who really knows his stuff, yet is also able to twist a hilarious pie chart or diagram out of each one.

What we loved about this book is that you can pick it up and read a few pages at a time, or read it form cover to cover as we did, chuckling as you go. There is good selection of movies covered, but not all the charts are instantly hilarious – some require a bit more thought before you get the joke – but they all end up being funny!
You can also use it as a quiz book by trying to name the theme or movie represented in the chart, before sneaking a look at the answers in the back.

Presented in quality hardback, Movie Charts is the work of was Paul Copperwaite, writer and author of Pop Charts, the much loved predecessor of Movie Charts, and is available for £7.99 from Octopus Books or Amazon.co.uk.

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