Panasonic SC-PT70 DVD Home Cinema System

This is where the home cinema addiction starts for many people – systems that offer so much enjoyment for such little outlay.

Home cinema systems such as the Panasonic SC-PT70 have proved to be a great introduction into surround sound – you get everything you really need to give your movies and gaming sessions that next level of enjoyment whilst keeping your costs down. More expensive systems might offer more power or gizmos, but they can’t improve on the basic fact that features and power equal higher prices.

Panasonic SC-PT70 DVD Home Cinema SystemLike most Panasonic home cinema systems, the Panasonic SC-PT70 is a quality looking device with a neat solid looking main DVD Amplifier unit, five compact speakers and a slim subwoofer. The main unit is quite compact at 360mm wide by 58mm high and includes an HDMI and Scart outout and an RCA audio input. The five speakers all have 65mm one way cones, all capable of outputting 55w, as does the subwoofer with its 12cm woofer giving a total power output of 330w – although this power can be tamed at night time with the ‘Whisper Mode’ feature. The SC-PT70 is also very flexible allowing you to set the speakers up in a 5.1 surround or 2.1 simple configuration – ideal if you want to start enjoying your movies straightaway without having to fully position the rear speakers. Whilst we’re on the subject of quick set up, there is also the Easy Setup feature so you can use the on screen navigation to get started with the minimum of fuss.

The DVD unit is an upscaler which means it will convert the standard definition DVDs to 1080p giving a near high definition experience. With everything you really need in a home cinema, the Panasonic SC-PT70 gives a quality brand experience at a price that is hard to resist.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SC-PT70

Not suprisingly, at this end of the market the features list on DVD home cinema systems is shorter and less comprehensive than higher up the range, but you do get all the essentials with this system – which is the main thing. If you want a little bit more, you might want to consider the Panasonic SC-PT480.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SC-PT70 DVD Home Cinema System

If this is your first foray into home cinema, then choosing the Panasonic is practically a no brainer – the price and the brand quality speak for themselves, and makes the SC-PT70 very hard to resist. If you are upgrading from another system, then simply read that last sentance but miss out the first few words – there really isn’t much more you can say! Rating: 4.5/5

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