LG HB905PA Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The LG HB905PA is not really the most cutting edge Blu-ray based home cinema system we’ve looked at recently, but it is one of the best all rounders.

A look at the system and specification confirms this – you get some access to online content if you can plug in a network cable, as well as the now obligatory iPod dock, but importantly the system offers a good power output of 1100W which is even more than the 1000W of the Samsung HT-C5500 and Panasonic SC-BT230. However sheer power output is no good if the speakers are too small to direct the power in the right direction and the tall speakers of the LG HB905PA solve that problem nicely. At just over a metre tall the speaker drivers are at the right height so that the important treble sounds will be making a direct bee line for your ears and the sound stage will appear clearer and more open as a result, than speakers positioned at a lower height. For such large speakers, they are also well designed with a quality, and expensive look, and importantly a solid looking base so they stay that way!

LG HB905PA Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemThe rear and centre speakers are much smaller boxes, and like the main player unit, have a pleasant angled edge to them giving a softer look than the distinctly angled Sony BDV-E370, and the subwoofer of the LG HB905PA completes the whole look nicely.

The online capabilities of the LG HB905PA are a little limited but still most welcome – Google Picasa from LG Netcast service is a useful way to share and view photos, and YouTube, also through the LG Netcast service, will provide hours of entertainment. But it is the DNLA capabilities that provide most flexibility with the system enabling you to view photos and listen to music from a compatible PC, laptop or mobile phone. Connect your iPod or iPhone and the LG HB905PA will not only play the music, and improve the quality of sound with the LG Sound Gallery, but you can also control the device with the systems remote control.

The LG HB905PA completes the whole set up with a very welcome two HDMI inputs meaning that system gains some extra flexibility as a result.

What to consider before you buy the LG HB905PA Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The only major feature that may put off some is the lack of any wireless capabilities..

Why you should buy the LG HB905PA Blu-ray Home Cinema System

There is nothing really wrong with the LG – it may not have the ultimate cool looks of some systems, or the feaure set of others, but it does have those tall speakers and good all round capabilities that make it a very tempting option. Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Is there an issue with the speakers making a whistling noise?
    I have heard of this through other reviews.

  2. Gavin says:

    yeah ive got one of these systems and there is a problem with whistling throught he right hand side speakers 🙁 and its proving a bitch to sort out, i have spoken to lg and they cant touch it because tesco own the first years warranty 🙁 and tesco have had a look at it and cant find a problem with it they must be deaf so on monday im gonna ring em up and blast em out of the water, if tesco fix the whistling which lg have told me is a circuit board issue, it will be an awesome system.

  3. robbie says:

    i have an lg hc with only 1 optical audio input.at the moment i have the sky+ connected to the hc and its fine.i want to also connect the ps3 into the hc,as the hc only has 1 input i bought a 3 way splitter.can anybody tell me how to install the 3 way into these so i can switch from sky to ps3..PLEASE

  4. discots says:

    I’ve returned mine after 1 year. All speakers were generating noise/static. This through DVD/BD, HDMI IN and even iPod source. I eliminated all distortion components (other cables, devices, power supplies, power cables), but to no avail. Let’s wait and see what they’ll say/do.

    1. That’s a shame. Hope it gets sorted – let us know how you get on.

  5. discots says:

    I just had my unit returned from LG service, with no trouble found.
    They added a Test recording on a CD-R to show that the static is between normal specs and from what I understand defined as system-static.
    This is outrageous. I know this isn’t a top of the notch home cinema, nor can it match any decent separate receiver, but for 400 Euros I’d expect more than this and more from LG. In the store I listened to all sorts of Home cinemas alike and none of them had that much noise during silent passages. So I’ll be writing a complaint to LG how it is possible that their standards are so low and hope for a refund.

    1. That’s unfortunate. Silent passages add as much to a film as loud scenes so it is just as important that they sound right. Please let us know what LG say.

  6. I have this system but the reciever just keeps turning off after a few minutes. I don’t have any warranty left, does anyone know what is causing the shutdown? The display just says “goodbye” and it turns off.

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