Get Your Home Cinema System Ready for the World Cup 2010

Get Ready for the World Cup 2010Whether you’re set up with all the latest equipment ready for the World Cup or you want to improve your system, there are always a few last minute checks to make before you settle down for a month of football frenzy. And if football isn’t your bag, then these tips still apply to whatever else you’ll be watching during the World Cup, to make sure you make the most of your home entertainment equipment.

How’s your Television?

Is your screen up to the job? If you have an older LCD or Plasma screen, or a CRT television, then you’ll be pleased to know that the latest televisions are superior in most ways to most older screens. Not only in terms of colour saturation and sharpness, but also importantly the frequency rates are greater to ensure even the most frantic goalmouth action is smooth and watchable. It’s also worth checking if you can go for a bigger screen as the additional cost is often minimal.

Are you listening in Surround Sound?

It’s normally very simple to connect your television or Sky / Freeview box to your surround sound system – a cheap optical cable normally sorts it out, so if you can, make sure you get fully immersed in the action.

Can you get High Definition?

ITV and BBC are showing most of the World Cup games in HD this time around and football is one area where you can really tell the difference between HD and standard definition, so make sure you are getting the best possible quality. If you have Freesat HD or Freeview HD built into you television, make sure you switch to the HD version of the channel to ensure you get the best quality and the same goes if you have a separate HD decoder box like the Humax Freeview HD or the Humax Freesat HD. If you have a Sky HD box then you can get both BBC HD and ITV HD without valium online canada no prescription subscribing to the HD package.

Check your connections

One area where low cost improvements can often be made is with the connections you use. If you can connect your Sky, Freesat or Freeview box to your television with an HDMI cable, then do so. Otherwise component is the next best with RGB Scart and S-Video next and composite as the last resort.

Is your fridge up to the job?!

Perhaps most importantly, make sure your good old refrigerator is not creaking at the seams – there’s nothing worse than warm refreshments!

Whatever you’re doing though from the 12th June to the 11th July this year – whether it’s World Cup football, or anything but – enjoy your home cinema!

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