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LG 55LX9900 55″ 3D LED Television


LG 55LX9900 55" 3D LED TelevisionIf you want a big screen television that is fully featured, and as big as LED televisions currently come, then the LG 55LX9900 is for you. Measuring a massive 55”, the LX9900 brings all the features you need now, and a number of additional features that will be useful in the future.

The LG 55LX9900 has LG’s Infinia design which means the screen depth is ultra slim making the television ideal for wall mounting, where at 31mm deep, it will protrude less than many picture frames. The Full LED screen also means that images are sharper and the colours more saturated than traditional edge lit LCD televisions. Being a top of the range television also means that it gets the cutting edge 400Hz LG TruMotion so that fast moving sports and action films are easier to watch with motion blur reduced almost completely.

Being a 55” television does mean that a good quality source will dramatically improve the screen image, and the built in Freeview HD will help you ensure that you can watch the highest definition signal you can. As well as television the LG 55LX9900 is ideally suited to a movie nights, where the big screen will ensure you are completely immersed in the action, and if you have a compatible Blu-ray player, such as the LG BX580 you can also watch 3D movies on it – and it comes complete with two pairs of 3D glasses to get you started.

In addition to standard physical sources, the LG 55LX9900 also comes with LG’s NetCast system so that you can access some of the best and most popular content online, directly to your television. Simply connect a network cable to the device, or the optional WiFi USB dongle, and you can access YouTube videos, Picasa photo albums and even the weather. Other connection options include a very welcome four HDMI 1.4 compatible sockets (three on the rear and one on the side), a USB socket on the rear, and component and optical inputs also.

One of the LG 55LX9900’s final flourishes is with the remote controls – that’s right there is more than one. You get the usual quite large and complicated looking remote control with numerous buttons, but also the LG ‘Magic Motion’ remote, which works has the very bare minimum of buttons. This remote works exactly like a Wii remote where you can control things by pointing to them on the screen as if it were a magic wand.

What to consider before you buy the LG 55LX9900 LED Television

On a screen with such a high specification, we would like to have seen the LG wireless dongle included.

Why you should buy the LG 55LX9900 LED Television

For such a large and exclusive television, it has already been well received and if you have the space and the budget, will prove to be a very worthy and futureproof television. Rating: 4.5/5

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