Is it the right time to buy a flat screen television?

The right time to buy a flat screen television?Whilst it may seem that the whole world has got flat screens now, there are still a huge number of people who are not ready to switch to flat screen televisions. Why? Well if you are one of those people who owns a normal CRT television you will have been enjoying a tried and tested technology that is capable of displaying both standard televisions pictures, and DVD, with great quality. CRT televisions are very forgiving when it comes to the input signal and this flexibility ensured they have remained popular for many years. This is especially true when you consider that in the early days of flat screen LCD and plasma televisions, if you wanted to watch anything but DVD’s, then you were going to be disappointed with the quality of the picture. Standard definition pictures from your Freeview or Sky box looked grainy and frankly, quite poor, especially on older programmes. Therefore, apart from the physical cabinet and screen size advantages of flat screens, there were often not many other compelling reasons to replace your trusty set, especially when costs were so high as well.

Great improvements in LCD and Plasma Technology

Things have greatly improved over the years with both plasma technology, and especially LCD televisions being far superior than they were. This is partly helped by the improvements in signal quality with Sky HD, Freesat HD and the new Freeview HD ensuring that LCD and plasma televisions can perform to their best benefit, but also to the huge advances that have been made in image processing.

We’re now quite confident to recommend that if you need, or want a new television, then a flat screen is most definitely the way to go.

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