Panasonic SC-PT570 DVD Home Cinema System

Panasonic SC-PT570Sitting right near the top of the current range of Panasonic’s range of DVD Home Cinema Systems, the SC-PT570 offers an improved performance over the SC-PT470, for a small additional outlay.

The biggest obvious difference between the Panasonic SC-PT570 and the models below this in the range are the taller front speakers. They share the same construction and output as the PT470 but because they are housed in a taller, heavier and more solid package, they are likely to perform a little better. Of course as we’ve mentioned before, having the speakers nearer your ear height will result in clearer un-impeded trebles so they will probably sound a little sharper despite them being the same construction. The rear speakers use the same 6.5cm cone but are housed in a smaller sized unit making them easy to position to the rear of your listening position. It is with the subwoofer where the main big difference lies though, and the SC-PT570 offers a more serious specification to really add some groundshaking bass to your movies. The ‘Kelton Type’ subwoofer has two sealed enclosures with the actual 16cm speaker in the rear enclosure vibrating the air in the front enclosure which has the effect of flitering out unwanted noise and vibrating the large 25cm ‘Passive Radiator’ to give a more controlled and robust bass sound. It also fits in this improved sound in a smaller package. The speakers give an overall power output 1000W (RMS) so will provide even large rooms with enough volume to annoy the neighbours.

The DVD/Amplifier unit is typical Panasonic in design with its clean uncluttered looks, but with the very smart added benefit of an integrated iPod dock that slides out when required and allows you to control your music by using the menu on the screen of your 2009 Panasonic television.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SC-PT570

Most connection requirements are covered, but an HDMI input wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SC-PT570 DVD Home Cinema System

This powerful system is only a small amount more than the 470, but you get so much more for your money and in our eyes makes the better buy of the two. Highly recommended. Rating: 4.5/5

Panasonic SC-PT570 Best Prices

Read the full technical specs on the Panasonic website.

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  1. Lalit S. kore says:

    I am facing Mother board issue with my Panasonic SC PT 570 DVD HOME THEATER, how can it’s resolved, can I get new motherboard.

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