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Grundig GUD1500 Freeview Digital Set-Top Box


Grundig GUD1500 Freeview BoxThe Grundig GUD1500 is a very compact Freeview digital set top box designed to make the setting up and use of digital terrestrial television as easy as possible.

The Grundig GUD1500 is a fairly compact set top box, measuring only 25cm wide, 18cm deep and 4cm high and with a fairly boxy, but pleasant looking design. The unit itself has two RGB scart sockets on the rear allowing it to be connected to a television and a VCR or DVD recorder.

The GUD1500 features a simple auto set up mode and is capable of storing 48 channels, and its seven day electronic programme guide (EPG) will make planning and choosing your televison viewing a breeze.

What to consider before you buy the Grundig GUD1500

There is little to fault with the player, but the design is perhaps a little dated.

Why you should buy the Grundig GUD1500

The Grundig has all the features you need on a Freeview box at a competitive price. Rating: 4.5/5

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