Sony STR-DA2400ES Home Cinema Receiver

The Sony STR-DA2400ES is a feature packed home cinema receiver capable of coping with all your high defintion needs. With the increasing number of devices in our homes, from digital television receivers to Blu-ray players, and games consoles to iPods, it is becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy the best performance from each one. Whilst we want to enjoy surrround sound when watching a movie, we also want the same when playing games and when watching television as well as wanting to listen to our iPods through our speakers. To solve all these problems many people are redicovering the benefits that a separate home cinema amplifier can offer which allows you to connect all of these devices and more and so act as a hub for your home entertainment system. The STRDA2400ES is a full blown 7.1 high definition home cinema amplifier capable of decoding Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio signals, and upscaling video signals to 1080p (using the extremely well respected Faroudja DCDi technology) so you can get the best possible quality from each of your devices. It even has a 'Portable Music Enhancer' to make the most from compressed MP3 music when you connect a suitable device to the digital media port. In addition to this you can connect a lot more - with a vast array of connection options, including four HDMI sockets, component, optical, digital coaxial, and stereo phono, you should be able to connect all your devices at once. Available in black or silver, the Sony STR-DA2400ES also really looks the part too and has an imposing style to really show the rest of your components who's the daddy! If you are new to home cinema amplifiers, Sony have made it very easy to connect with all the connection options are labelled, and it even comes with an auto calibration microphone that does all the set up for you.

What to consider before you buy the Sony STR-DA2400ES

There is not much to say against the Sony, just remember that decent speakers will help the system perform even better.

Why you should buy the Sony STR-DA2400ES

The Sony is capable of dealing with everything you'll need it to, and as a hub for your home entertainment system, as well as a fine home cinema receiver, there is not much, if anything, better for the money. Rating: 4.5/5

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