KEF KHT2005.3 Speaker Package Review

Just as the market for ‘lifestyle’ speakers was opening up, KEF waltzed in and dominated with their now legendary ‘KEF Egg’ speakers. Now in their third generation, the KEF’s still look good, and as we find out, the important bit is just as good too.

KEF KHT2005.3 Home Cinema SpeakersThe KEF KHT2005.3 speaker package contains 4 surround speakers, 1 centre speaker and 1 subwoofer (the KUBE2 which has a 10″ driver and 200W output). The first thing that strikes you about the speakers is the weight – at around 2 Kg, their size to weight ratio is unexpected. Available in silver and gloss black, the speakers themselves are very similar to the original design – we would have liked to have seen a matt black alternative for those of us who like their speakers to blend in a bit, but the gloss black do look very smart. They come with clever brackets so they can be wall mounted, and tilted and swivelled as you require. You can also buy stands for them as well, and although the stands are perfectly good at their job, we would still prefer the wall mounting option because of the weight. The centre speaker can be stood on top of, or preferably just below the screen with the stand provided.

With a complete speaker package like this you expect an integrated sound and the KEF KHT2005.3’s do not disappoint. The smaller speakers do such an admirable job of handling a wide range of frequencies, and offering a smooth sweep of sound, it is only when you have really put the system through its paces do you need to start making adjustments. The sub is quite sensitive to positioning, and moving it away from the walls a few inches can make a noticeable difference. When you have reached the right compromise of position and sound, you can fiddle with crossover and volume knobs of the back of the sub to get the right sound for you and your room.

What to consider before you buy the KEF KHT2005.3 Speaker Package

All this brilliance comes at a price unfortunately and by the time you have bought the speakers, and a home cinema amplifier (if you need one), you could be approaching a four figure sum.

Why you should buy the KEF KHT2005.3 Speaker Package

There are plenty of reasons to consider the KEF KHT20053 speaker package – the sound is brilliant, the speakers and sub look great, but what we like most about the KEF’s is just how easy they make it to get a very good surround system. Buy a home cinema amplifier, wire up and mount the speakers, and you have an excellent and discreet home cinema system with not much effort. As a way of getting a superb home cinema system, the third generation of the original KEF eggs are still one of the very best options available. Rating: 5/5

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