The Great British Summer

Sony DAV-DZ280 DVD Home Cinema SystemWell, the Met Office have got it spectactularly wrong with the British weather forecast this year and our summer of barbeque weather has in reality turned out to a summer of boating weather! If you can’t spend your time outdoors, then what better way to spend your time that by watching a few summery movies indoors?

Perhaps you fancy long hot epic like Lawrence of Arabia to really take your mind off the dreary weather. Peter O’Toole puts in a stellar performance in the title role, and if miles of dry hot desert don’t take your mind off constant rain, nothing will. If you fancy a sing along, the popular summer films Mamma Mia and Grease will put you in a sunshine mood straight away. If you want to keep the kids entertained, recent releases like Disney’s Bolt and Wall-E are sure fire hits.

Of course, if you haven’t yet invested in a home cinema system just yet, there are several very good value systems available online right now to help you get the cinema experience in your own home. The Sony DAV-DZ280 not only upscales normal DVD’s to near high definition quality but will also play music from your MP3 player through the surround sound system, all for under £200. For even less money, the smart looking Panasonic PC-PT170 is a also a great choice and Panasonic also offer a Blu-ray based system in the Panasonic SC-BT200 if you want to go for the very latest high definition technology.

Just remember that whatever’s going on outside, there are hundreds of great movies to enjoy indoors to take your mind of the weather!

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