Onkyo TX-SR507 Home Cinema Receiver

The TX-SR507 is a home cinema receiver from the Onkyo's new 2009 range, and is the model up from the the entry level TX-SR307. Whereas in previous years the Onkyo range of amplifiers have seen a clear favourite in terms of features versus value for money, with the much lauded TX-SR605 and TX-SR606 normally taking the honours, this years range makes it a little harder to choose. We have seen with the TX-SR307 that in terms of value for money, Onkyo is really hitting the mark. If you found that there were a few features missing from the entry level model, you will be pleased to know that the Onkyo TX-SR507 has a good all round feature set which should suit most peoples requirements. First on the features list is the 4 HDMI sockets, meaning that your XBOX 360, Playstation3, DVD player and Blu-ray player can be connected at once. Your Wii can also be connected via component cable to really make the SR507 the hub of your home cinema and gaming system. Next on the list is the addition of high definition audio in the form of DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD decoding so that you can listen to your Blu-ray discs in full high definition sound. The audio on your gaming sessions will be improved too with the four digital sound processing modes specifically designed for gaming: Rock, Sports, Action, and Role Playing Games. If you want to make the SR507 the hub of your home audio system, there is also a separate powered line out so you can listen to music in another room. This can be music from your DVD/Blu-ray player, the built in RDS radio, even an iPod connected via the socket on the front of the receiver. The SR507 will also try to improve the sound of the compressed music with the built in Music Optimizer. Like its younger sibling, the SR507 also comes with the Audyssey 2EQ system and microphone to automatically set and optimise the sound for your room, and all the speaker connections are colour coded to help make it as easy as possible. There is a new model of this amplifer available: Onkyo TX-SR508

What to consider before you buy the Onkyo TX-SR507

There is not much to count against the TX-SR507 in terms of features, but if you want to go for a 7.1 system rather than 5.1, you'll need to go to the next model in the range such as the Onkyo TX-SR607.

Why you should buy the Onkyo TX-SR507 Home Cinema Receiver

The Onkyo 507 is hard to beat - it has all the features most users will need, and a value for money price at under £350. Highly recommended. Rating: 4.5/5

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The TX-SR507 is available in black and silver and the full specification is available on the Onkyo website.