Terminal Blocks / Chocolate Blocks

Terminal Blocks / Chocolate BlocksIf you need to extend your home cinema speaker cables, then a Terminal Block, or Chocolate Block as they are sometimes known, is a cheap and satisfactory method.

Designed for connecting two electrical cables together, a terminal block can also be used very successfully for connecting two speaker cables together so they can be lengthened. A terminal block is a highly conductive metal surrounded by a normally clear plastic covering. A single block has two connectors with a screw clamp on the top of each connector. A stripped cable is passed into each side and the screw is used to tighten the cable into the connector.

Normally sold in a strip of twelve, they are easily cut using a knife or scissors and you would normally cut them into a pair when using them for speaker connections. Terminal blocks come in different sizes which is mainly for the different amperage of electrical cable, but for the purposes of speaker cable, a 5 amp terminal block would be the best size.

Any joins in speaker cables are potentially going to reduce the sound quality, but in practice the difference is often negligible, if noticeable at all. Whilst you probabaly wouldn’t want to connect a high quality speaker cable together with terminal blocks, they can be used for most other applications using the thinner types of speaker cable. In fact the price of the blocks themselves are so cheap that it is worth trying this method first to see if you can notice any difference. The very buy ativan lorazepam online worst case is that you spent a couple of quid and not used them, but at least you’ve ruled the option out.

Where To Buy Terminal Blocks

There are numerous suppliers and both the High Street and your local DIY store should be able to help. They are also of course available online at the following stores:

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