Free Blu-ray and DVD rental with Toshiba and LoveFilm

Toshiba have got a rather good offer on at the moment, that will help you get the most out of your shiny new DVD or Blu-ray player.

Buy the new impressive and great value upscaling DVD player, the Toshiba XD-E600 and you can enjoy six months FREE DVD movie rentals from LoveFilm. However, if you want to get the very best from your high definition television you may be tempted by the Toshiba BDX2000 Blu-ray player where you will receive twelve months free Blu-ray rentals instead.

We reckon this deal is worth about £48 over the year and makes the overall cost of the Blu-ray player very reasonable indeed, especially if the prices continue to fall. It also means that if you are new to Blu-ray, you can watch all the latest high definition movies, without having to shell out a vast amount on buying the discs.

LoveFilm have a vast library of films for you to choose from and there are always plenty of copies of even the latest discs so you should never have to wait too long to watch the most recent movies.

The offer runs from the 1st December 2009 to the 31st July 2010 and full details are available at the official Toshiba Lovefilm website.

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