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Sony WAHT-SBP2 7.1 Wireless Upgrade Kit


Owning a 7.1 home cinema system is on a lot of our upgrade wish lists, but an additional set of speakers, and the corresponding extra run of cables normally puts many people off. However, if you are an owner of two of the most popular Sony Blu-ray home cinema systems in recent times, then you’re in luck…

Sony WAHT-SBP2 7.1 Wireless Upgrade KitThe Sony WAHT-SBP2 is a fairly low cost addition to the highly rated Sony BDV-E370 or Sony BDV-E870 home cinema systems. It adds an additional two speakers so that you can enjoy your surround sound in 7.1 rather than 5.1, and it does it wirelessly too.

Like other wireless home cinema systems, the Sony WAHT-SBP2 is not completely wire free – you will need to plug in the two speakers to a fairly discrete receiver module. However, the most important part is that there are no cables to run from the systems amplifier/Blu-ray player to the speakers.

The S-Master amplifer unit has a total power output of 286w (RMS) and has an auto standby feature so you don’t need to keep turning it on and off. You also get the transceiver unit for your original BDV-E370 or BDV-E870.

Wireless speakers are much improved over the early models so you should not hear the frequency of sound drop outs that used to trouble such systems. The speakers of the WAHT-SBP2 match the style of the compatible systems perfectly, and being wire-free, you’ll find it much easier to position them too.

What to consider before you buy the Sony WAHT-SBP2 7.1 Wireless Upgrade Kit

There’s not too much to say against this add on – we’d like to see the cost a little lower but you get quite a decent upgrade here for not that much money.

Why you should buy the Sony WAHT-SBP2

If you want to enjoy the full on 7.1 surround sound experience, and you have a compatible home cinema system, then the WAHT-SBP2 makes a very nice upgrade indeed. Rating: 4/5


  1. What can I use for my system Sony Bdv-e970w if I can not find Sony WAHT-SBP2?

    Can I use the following model, and if so, tell me the name of the model, which is suitable for Bdv-e970w.

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