Nakamichi NBS 10 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Speaker Review

Aimed at the more design conscious buyer, the Nakamichis are available in a variety of colours (black, blue, pink, yellow and purple) so there is sure to be a pair that suits. The speakers are ball-shaped and covered completely in colorful fabric with a matte silver band around the middle which houses a play/pause button, and volume up/down buttons, as well as two small led indicator lights.

Nakamichi NSB10 in blackThe bottom rear of the speaker has a small panel with a aux in and a 5v micro USB port for charging. On the very bottom of the speaker there is a 3cm diameter Base plate with a circular rubber ring on which the speaker sits. Within this there is and on/off switch and stereo pairing button.

With these two playback and connection panels well hidden, the speaker has a very minimal and stylish look. The blue pair we had for review (which was more of a turquoise colour I thought) were bright and very attractive and on looks alone, the Nakamichi NBS10 were very stylish.

Getting connected

Nakamichi NSB10 close upGetting the NBS10 speakers is fairly straightforward. Although these are a stereo pair of speakers, there is no cable connecting them. One of the speakers acts as a master, with the other acting as the satellite (although this is not marked on the speaker). The speakers come pre-paired, although there is a button on the bottom if you need to re-pair at any time.

Getting connected with Bluetooth was as straightforward as ever, and both a tablet and phone connected quickly and without fuss. Range was also decent, and we had to move around 11ish meters away before we lost signal.

Will these balls give a kicking sound?!

Nakamichi NSB10 in blue and yellowWhen all connected the Nakamichi speakers are pretty decent. Obviously the size is going to limit their loudness and performance but overall they were very capable. Mid range was well-balanced, and the bass and treble were about right for this size of speaker, but the surface on which you place them does effect on the quality and depth of the bass. The clarity was just okay and I would have expected better for this size of speaker driver.

What to consider

For us, the NBS10’s are a little too much style over substance. Sure they sound pretty good, but they aren’t going to satisfy in the same way that the equally sharply styled (albeit bigger and more expensive) Edifier Luna Ecplise do. That said, if you can get them for less than the RRP of £82.99 they are still a good buy.

Why you should buy the Nakamichi NBS 10

If you are looking for a funky pair of speakers to give decent background audio, or perhaps for a less demanding listener the Nakamichis are well suited. They are available at Rating: 4/5

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