Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI Cable

Lindy Flat White HDMI CableThe Lindy Flat White HDMI Cable is pleasantly different to most HDMI cables not only because of it’s relative flatness but also its striking pure white colour.

Although the Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI cable has been designed specifically to be hidden away, it actually seems rather a shame to do it! Its pure fresh matt whiteness and simple design has a quiet beauty about it (which is not something we say often about a home cinema cable), and lends itself as much to being hidden away, as being on full show. It will easily fit under carpets without being noticeable, but will also run nicely along skirting boards and door and window frames should you need to. But if you are running the cable to a wall mounted LCD Television you really wouldn’t mind this one being on show.

Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI CableAt a fraction over 3mm thick and 12mm wide, the shielded cable is probably as flat and thin as a decent quality HDMI cable will go. The plugs on the end are solidly moulded onto the cable and the connectors themselves are gold plated. The flatness of the cable also means that it can go around slightly tighter corners than a round cable which may be useful in some applications.

Performance was everything we expected from a modern HDMI 1.3 cable with the colours fully saturated and the edges sharp. Watching a very fast moving cheetah in the Serengeti chase down its prey on our demo dvd showed no issues with bandwidth or the speed of the cable, and like the cheetah after he had gorged his way through the gazelle, we came away satisfied.

Things to consider with Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI Cable

Whilst the flatness of the cable is very welcome, if you have lots of multi angle twists and turns to perform, you are still probably best off with a round cable. The cable is also printed on one side so make sure you plan your cable run with this in mind.

Why you should buy the Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI Cable

Lindy state that the cable has been designed to complement the Apple TVTM, which of course it will do nicely, but most of these cables will be used in other applications whether you want to hide the cable or not. With a generous 10 year warranty, and good value prices, the Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI Cable is an excellent choice.

Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI Cable Best Prices

Lindy White Premium Flat HDMI Cable

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