La-Z-Boy Cool Recliner Chair

La-Z-boy Cool Chair ReclinerEvery home cinema needs comfortable seating otherwise the experience can be less than enjoyable. Of course most people are more than happy with their existing sofa and chairs, but if you have upgraded the rest of your system to the best, then why not invest in the ultimate chair – the La-z-Boy Cool Recliner?

First of all lets deal with the cost. At around £1000 a single La-z-Boy Cool Recliner will cost more than most people’s entire suite – so this isn’t a cheap piece of furniture. What it offers though is way above what you would normally expect of a chair. First of all its soft leather is very comfortable and when you recline the La-z-Boy, you could almost be in bed. If that wasn’t enough the chair includes a 10 point massage system so if you weren’t relaxed enough just sitting in the chair you certainly will be after having your back gently soothed. When you’re fully relaxed the heated lumbar keep you warm and sooth away any aches and pains.

In addition to extreme comfort, the La-z-Boy Cool Recliner also has a flip-up arm that opens to reveal a cool area for storing your drinks. There is also a cup holder in the lid to help avoid any spillages.

Of course, the La-z-Boy Cool Recliner is at the extreme end of home cinema seating and is out of most people’s financial reach, but if you have the funds, and want the best, the La-z-Boy Cool Recliner is one of the finest choices.

What to consider before you buy the La-Z-boy Cool Recliner Chair

Comfort this good comes at a cost – quite a substantial cost – but what value can you put on the ultimate comfort?!

Why you should buy the La-Z-boy Cool Recliner Chair

Comfort, massage, cool drinks – what more could you want? Rating: 4.5/5


  1. Where can I buy lazy boy cool chair in UK?

    1. There are a number of approved La-Z-Boy retailers in the UK, but this one has been discontinued now.

  2. MrCool says:

    Does it have speakers built in?

    1. Not this one.

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