Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable

Lindy Premium Gold HDMI CableThe Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable is a high quality cable designed for the most demanding home cinema user.

Finished in a striking blue colour, the Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable has a braided plastic casing with 24k gold plated connectors housed in a chunky gold coloured plug which is securely clamped onto each end of the cable. The braided cable makes for a more flexible cable than a PVC or rubber casing and should make running the cable in awkward spots a little easier.

Taking the cable out of its packaging, one of the first things you notice is its relatively low weight. At 12mm in diameter the cable is certainly not thin, and with the well constructed connectors one would expect a heavier cable, but somehow Lindy have managed to keep the whole weight down to a very surprising level. This is important because HDMI plugs often do not fit into the sockets as snugly as they should, and we have found that heavier cables can often loosen themselves over time, and even pull free when the cable is heavy.

Lindy Premium Gold HDMI CableThe triple shielded Premium Gold cable has passed the HDMI Authorised Test Centres High Speed 1.3b Cat 1 and Cat 2 testing so is fully HDMI compliant and future proof with support of up to 13.1 channel high definition digital audio and 2160p video. The overall performance of the cable was as good as we expected with colour saturation and edge definition fully up to scratch and the data throughput was handled with all the test scenes we tried. Bearing in mind the cable is capable of handling next generation speed and data throughput, this was not really a surprise.

Things to consider with Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable

Whilst normal at this quality end of the market, you might need to bear in mind that the cable is quite thick and so is not as flexible as thinner cables can be.

Why you should buy the Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable

The cable successfully combines high quality with good value, and with its next generation specification and a very useful 25 year guarantee, the Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable will be connecting your devices for many, many years to come.

Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable Best Prices

Lindy Premium Gold HDMI Cable

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