Blu-ray Players with Built in Wi-Fi

Blu-ray Players with Built in Wi-FiSince the introduction of the BD-Live feature, one of the best things about many Blu-ray discs is the ability to download additional content from online sources. To do this you will of course need a BD-Live compatible player (most from 2009 onwards are), and a connection to the internet.

Since the feature has grown in popularity it has become obvious that the basic network connection on the rear of the Blu-ray player was not all that useful to many people. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a network in your home, or a router positioned right near your Blu-ray player, then running a network cable can be problematic. This is where Blu-ray players with built in Wi-Fi are so useful.

What to consider before you buy a Built in Wireless Blu-ray Player

You can get many Blu-ray players that are Wi-Fi ready and just need an additional dongle purchasing, but the added cost often brings the total price near or even more than a Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi built in.

Why you should buy a Blu-ray Player with built in Wi-Fi

With Wi-Fi built in to your Blu-ray player you have the out of the box ease and convenience so you can start enjoying those additional scenes and all that extra content for your favourite movie straightaway. Also, buy xanax usa no prescription when you consider that many Blu-ray players also now have access to catch up televisions services like iPlayer, then Wi-Fi starts to look an absolute essential.

Latest Blu-ray Players with Built in Wi-Fi

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