Sony BDP-S760 Blu-ray Player

Sony BDP-S760 Blu-ray PlayerThe Sony BDP-S760 is a Blu-ray player that sits at the heart of Sony’s high definition ambitions. With the high specification of the Sony BDP-S560 receiving many plaudits, you may wonder what benefits the 760 has, and why you would plump for this model over the others in the range.

With its sleek, seamless look, the Sony BDP-S760 looks almost identical to its younger brother with whole front panel folding down to reveal the disc loading tray and essential play back buttons. In fact a headphone socket on the left bottom of the front panel is the only obvious difference between the two. Look around the back though and you’ll see the welcome addition of the 7.1 analogue surround sound outputs which is very useful if you do not have a modern amplifier with an HDMI input.

The player itself is slightly heavier at 2.7 kilograms which given that the players share the same physical size, hint at the technical improvements and enhancements internally on this model. The Sony BDP-S760 has borrowed heavily from the BDP-S5000 – Sonys flagship ES range Blu-ray player – and shares a number of components. This player is in the region of £1100 and is very highly rated so Sony has done well to get these high specification video processing components into the price bracket of the BDP-S760.

The Sony BDP-S760 has 802.11n built in wireless connectivity which is a massive bonus for those who really want the benefits of BD-Live content but don’t want to have to trail another cable. Other usability benefits include the quick start feature that tramadol cheap owners of older, slower Blu-ray players will no doubt love.

What to consider before you buy the Sony BDP-S760

If you aren’t that bothered about the extra quality, then you could save around £90 and opt for the BDP-S560 instead.

Why you should buy the Sony BDP-S760

Without spending ridiculous amounts of money, the S760 will satisfy those who want a better class of Blu-ray player but at a relatively modest cost, and with wireless networking built in. Rating: 5/5

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