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Sony BDP-S5000 Blu-ray Player


Sony BDP-S5000 Blu-ray PlayerThe Sony BDP-S5000 Blu-ray Player is a serious piece of home cinema kit, with an equally serious price tag. Retailing at well over £1000, and from one of the originators of the format, this player should deliver industry leading sound and picture quality and be the benchmark for all other players to follow – but is it?

In a word, the Sony BDP-S5000 is stunning. Not only does the player deliver on the hefty £1100 promise Sony makes, but it does so with ease. The picture quality is amazing, and everything you imagine Blu-ray at its best will be. Thankfully, the sound quality is also flawless and the S5000 will make an equally good player for CD music as well and DVD and Blu-ray.

Things to consider with Sony BDP-S5000 Blu-ray Player

The hefty price tag will put many people off, but is you are prepared to spend this sort of money, you are probably someone who does not want to compromise and wants the very best available.

Why you should buy the Sony BDP-S5000 Blu-ray Player

Not only is the picture and sound quality stunning, but the player also boasts an acceptable disc load time, and importantly, the very latest Blu-ray profile (BD-LIVE). Although the price is high, the Sony S5000 actually makes a very good purchase for anyone who wants the very best Blu-ray experience and doesn’t mind paying for it.

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