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Sony DVP-PR30 Compact DVD Player


Sony Persona DVP-PR30 Compact DVD PlayerThe Sony DVP-PR30 Compact is a cute little top loading DVD player that would be equally at home in the bedroom, lounge, or kitchen depending on your requirements.

With the ability to play MP3 tracks as well as normal CD’s, the DVD-PR30 could be a useful addition to your television in the kitchen as well to enable music playback as well as watching DVD’s. The player can also play JPEG images and DIVX should you require it to.

Connection is very straightforward with a Scart connection on the back meaning it will connect to all but the very oldest television. The machine also comes with a neat little remote control for ease of use.

The Sony DVP-PR30 will be especially easy for children to use because it uses a top loading system rather than an easily broken slide out draw. It is also available in a selection of colours, black, pink and blue, which combined with its low cost will make it a great little DVD player for a child’s bedroom. We also think it has uses as a portable player to take on holiday or in your caravan where its small size and scart connection should ensure you can watch your favourite DVDs wherever you go!

What to consider before you Buy Sony DVP-PR30

The player has limited connection options, so if you need an HDMI connection to your television, this is not the best bet.

Why you should Buy Sony DVP-PR30

The performance is not going to blow you away, but that’s not really the point of the PR30. It is it’s child friendly design, cute looks, and great value price, that make the DVP-PR30 is a great little DVD player.

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