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Panasonic SC-PT170 DVD Home Cinema System


The Panasonic SC-PT170 is a subtle, but classy looking DVD home cinema system and is a direct replacement for the previous model, the SC-PT160.

In typical Panasonic style they have gone for the more understated design, safe in the knowledge that many people do not want their home cinema system to grab too much of the attention in the home décor stakes, but to subtly blend in. The PT170 certainly does that, with its four surround speakers coming in at just under 130mm high and 92mm wide they are certainly going to be easy to position. The centre speaker is similarly sized but is designed to be placed on the horizontal rather than vertically. The subwoofer is also quite narrow at 136mm wide, but is much higher and deeper at 339mm and 213mm respectively. The size of the speakers does not seem to be a barrier to performance though and even these little speakers kick out a decent 55W RMS, and sound very good for their limited dimensions.

Panasonic SC-PT170The combined DVD player and amplifier unit is also a very smart looking unit, and owners of Panasonic televisions will find the style matches perfectly. In fact, because of its fairly conservative styling, the design will go with most modern televisions, whatever their make. Panasonic television owners will however see the benefit of the built in Viera Link and be able to use the on screen navigation and set up. The DVD unit provides great visual results, and with 1080p upscaling it will make DVDs look almost high definition quality. There are plenty of connections options with HDMI, scart, optical as well as a USB socket for digital music.

The Panasonic SC-PT170 also has green credentials with power output being reduced by 20% over the previous model, the SC-PT160, and on standby mode, this power reduction is 50% – a very worthwhile improvement. The best green feature on the PT170 though is the auto power off function which (if you have a 2009 model Panasonic TV) will recognise when you have returned to normal television, and power down the home cinema system for you.

What to consider before you buy the Panasonic SC-PT170 Home Cinema System

The small speakers do a great job for their size, but the more power hungry may want to look for something with a bit more oomph.

Why you should buy the Panasonic SC-PT170 Home Cinema System

The styling, features and performance all go together to make a great system, and for under £200, it represents great value for money.
Rating: 4/5

Panasonic SC-PT170 Home Cinema System Best Prices

Read more about the PT170 on the Panasonic website, where you can also download the manual.


  1. Good morning.

    I have bought the SC-PT170 Home theatre system and it’s excelent, but does not show the subtitles of divx movies (avi files). I’am using de usb with the movie and de subtitle file, subtitle file has extension “srt”. In he menu, the subtitles don’t show in options, as if there were no subtitle file in the source, but if there. These films I have used with other players and their subtitles work perfectly (Philips DVD player, and PC with Windows Media Player).

    My question is, what is the subtitle format should I use?

    Thank you and excuse my English, I’m learning.

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