Sony DAV-DZ280 DVD Home Cinema System

Sony DAV-DZ280 DVD Home Cinema SystemThe DAV-DZ280 is the latest DVD based home cinema system from Sony which offers an impressive set of features to help you get the most from your movies and music. Although the price is slightly more (around £20) than the Panasonic SC-PT170, the Sony has the added benefit of offering an iPod/iPhone dock so you can easily play your digital music as well.

The Sony DAV-DZ280 is a futuristic looking system with its glossy black finish and pointy front fascia, and whilst not as understated as the Panasonic SC-PT170, it is a little more subtle than the LG HT762TZ. The speakers are smart looking and pump out a very respectable 142W (RMS) so there should be plenty of power there for all but the largest rooms. The subwoofer is fairly compact but the whole system still manages to output an impressive 850W.

Connecting the speakers is a simple affair as all the inputs are clearly marked, and the video connection is HDMI so you get the full high definition benefit of the DZ280’s 1080p upscaling capabilities. Setting up the DAV-DZ280 is easy as it comes complete with the DCAC (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) system which uses the supplied calibration microphone to set up the system automatically and optimise the sound for your particular room.

There are also neat little features like being able to rip CD’s to a USB device you have inserted into the ‘Digital Media Port’, and being able to play from your Walkman phone or other MP3 device. If you have a Sony television you will also appreciate the Bravia Sync which will make it easy to control both devices with the same remote.

What to consider before you buy the Sony DAV-DZ280

The connectivity options are a little sparse on this system with neither an HDMI nor optical input. Also, if you want tall front speakers, you should consider the Sony DAV-DZ680 instead.

Why you should buy the Sony DAV-DZ280 Home Cinema System

If you like to listen to music from your iPod and other MP3 devices, this system offers the flexibility you’ve been looking for, as well as good looks and great value. Rating: 4/5

Sony DAV-DZ280 Home Cinema System Best Prices

There is a newer version of this home cinema system available: Sony DAV-DZ330

Read more information on the DAVDZ280 on the Sony website where you can also find the PDF Manual for further reading.


  1. I have always wanted a surround sound system and this is the first one I have bought. I have a 32″ tv and sky tv and recently bought my wife an ipod nano and wanted something that would fit all 3. I set it up as per the instructions, most of which was simple but I thought the set up diagram was not quite right. But I did as it said. It said to connect the device to tv via scart, to connect sky to tv via scart, to connect device to tv via HDMI cable. This I did but could not get surround sound from normal/SKY tv programs. I decided to ignore the manual and connected the DEVICE TO SKY BOX VIA SCART, the sky to tv via scart and device to tv via HDMI lead and that did it. Big shows like 24, LOST, HEROES, SKY MOVIES, DVD’s sound like I am in a cinema, the room shakes, the sound comes from the side, from behind, amazing, especially watching ci fi and big action movies. I would recommend it to anyone .

  2. robin says:

    does it mean the sony dvd player is turned on all the time the tv is on?

    1. No, just the remote can control both your television and the Sony DAVDZ280.

  3. Pete says:

    Using your advice I did the same for a Virgin+ box and it worked! I connected the VCR scart output on the back of the Virgin+ box to the scart input/output on the Sony DZ280. Not sure if the signal will produce 5.1 surround, but waiting for a program that actually broadcasts 5.1 (read somewhere that Doctor Who does, so will wait for that). The TV is a Samsung UE326000B LED and I’ve connected that to the Virgin+ with an HDMI.

  4. Hunter says:

    You boys are geniuses, that is all I have to say, the guy that installed the V+ box told us that we had to buy an optical cable, only for me to discover that the sound system didn’t have an optical in… and the way the box was set up when it was a SD virgin box wouldn’t work. So now the V+ and sound system are connected to the TV via hdmi, and the V+ box to the sound system via the VCR scart output. Thanks a lot guys

  5. Shane says:

    I am having the same problem with my DAV-DZ280. I have connected like the manual says but cannot get sound from my TV. Connecting your way, Gary, does work for sky but I cannot get my 360 sound through the surround speakers. The manual says that you connect your external devices ie. Sky, PS3, 360 etc through your TV and set the DAV-DZ280 to TV function and you can hear sound that way. Anybody know a resolution? Thanks in advance for your advice.

  6. Hi Guys ..i purchased this unit a few months back..but was disappointed as had no optical input..however managed to get surround sound from my sky hd box..the easier way to do this is..purchase a phono to headphone jack cable (will cost you couple of quid..or pop into poundland) connect the phono into the audio output to the back of your sky/virgin box and then connect the headphone jack into audio in on the suuround sound unit which is on the front of the sony function on the sony’s remote until audio appears on the unit and now you got surround sound from your sky/virgin..

    shane..check and c if your tv has an audio out input..if so connect the phono to that and all devices will be surround sound as all devices are wired through to your tv

  7. Joanna says:

    Have just spent four hours trying to set up this home cinema system, what a nightmare. I then came across your solution.
    So grateful, my husband and I agree, Gary you are a genius.

  8. I installed the DAV-DZ280 some months ago and immediately there appeared a problem with the DVD mode. I have tried to ignore it but it ruins watching any DVD’s. Every 3-4 minutes there is a beeping/whirring noise as if it is trying to read the DVD which lasts for about a second and lasts throughout the whole DVD. It relates to any DVD we have ever watched and even happens in DVD mode when there is no DVD loaded.

    Can you advise how to resolve this

    1. Hmmm, sounds like a hardware fault. Probably best to speak to the store you bought it from, or contact Sony directly.

  9. Could someone help me? I’m looking at getting a system with docking option for iPods etc. Do you need to have tv on to listen to iPod or can it just be connected and then play direct through the system? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks

  10. Hi guys!
    was given a sony dav-DZ280 for christmas to go along with my sony blu-ray player and bravia tv! i thought brilliant bravia sync, so everything will work. however i am only able to get the surround sound whilst the player is on tv mode and if i try and use the blu ray player or my xbox 360 i cant get any surround sound at all!i’ve also tried using the auxillary outputs and the do not seem to be doing anything!I think the fact there is no optical output on the surround sound is also a huge let down. if anyone has any tips on how to overcome my problems they would be much appreciated!!!

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