Sony BDV-360IS Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Sony BDV-360IS Blu-ray Home Cinema SystemThe Sony BDV-360IS could be the answer to alot of peoples prayers, and is a rare type of system that ticks pretty much every box the style conscious buyer could want.

Like the Sony BDV-360FS, the Sony BDV-360IS is a sleek and clean looking Blu-ray player which manages to do everything it needs to including outputting an impressive 450W of total power. As is usual with the latest range of Sony Blu-ray players the whole front of the player folds down so you can access the essential playback buttons and access your discs. The player will also upscale your standard DVDs to 1080p so you can enjoy all your current films, whether they Blu-ray or DVD, in the best quality possible.

Of course most people are going to be attracted to the BDV-360IS because of the small, and we mean small speakers. At just under 2” square, the ‘golf ball’ speakers as they have become known are going to be very easy to position in your room. We first saw these speakers on the popular Sony HT-IS100 system, and you really have to see them to realise just how small they are. The rear speakers are also wireless ready if you buy the optional Sony WAHT-SA1 wireless module. Speakers this small cannot generate any bass whatsoever, and on their own would sound very thin and weak, but the large and meaty subwoofer comes to the rescue and provides the 200W of the required low frequency sound to make the system sound as it should.

Unlike some current blu-ray home cinema systems, the BDV-360IS is also well catered for on the connection front with no less that three HDMI inputs as well as a single component video output, and a digital optical audio, and digital coaxial outputs for the sound. This of course means that you are free to connect your games consoles to the system as well so you can enjoy gaming in surround sound.

What to consider before you buy the Sony BDV-360IS Blu-ray Home Cinema System

There is not alot that goes against this system, but if we had to pick something, we would have liked to have seen the wireless module included, or at least more readily available.

Why you should buy the Sony BDV-360IS Blu-ray Home Cinema System

If you want, or need a Blu-ray home cinema system that has small speakers then there is really no other option, and at this price, the Sony seems to have everything going for it. Rating: 4.5/5

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Visit the Sony website for the full rundown and specification of the player.

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