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What snacks and drinks do you enjoy with a movie?


PopcornWe’d normally think that choosing the perfect snack and drink to have whilst watching a film on our home cinema was a bit of a no-brainer.

For us it has to be popcorn, crisps, beer or fizzy something. Occasionally it might be a cheeky little drink that matched the movie (we can’t watch a Western without some sippin’ whiskey!) but in general, we’re creatures of habit.

However, Trevor Nelson (the DJ) got us thinking this week after he Tweeted:

dvds out this week ‘black swan’ and the ‘the next 3 days’, not a bad tea and biscuits home cinema experience – @DJTrevorNelson

It sounds so good – a nice cuppa and a decent biscuit really are an under-rated accompaniment to a decent movie so why don’t we enjoy them more with our favourite flicks?! Well, there a few reasons that spring to mind, and assuming you also watch your home cinema with the lights down low, you’ll know where we’re coming from:

  • It takes too long – opening a can or pouring a glass of something is quick – boiling the kettle and making a perfect brew isn’t.
  • Danger of spillage – a drop of Cola or beer down your t-shirt is one thing – hot tea is something else!
  • You need light to dunk your biscuits – have you ever tried aiming a HobNob into your cuppa, in the dark, whilst watching the film? It’s not easy!
  • A serious risk of over-dunking – unless your biscuit is tough enough to take a prolonged dunking (not Rich Tea!) when you get distracted by the on screen action, you’re going to end up with a nasty biscuit tea!

That said, we still think it’s a great idea, and certain films are going to go quite splendidly with a cup of the old Darjeeling. Just be careful what biscuit you choose to dunk in it!

We couldn’t resist this for old times sake:

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