Sony WAHT-SA1 S-Air Wireless Speaker Kit

If you want the ultimate convenience with your tiny speakers, then the Sony buy xanax online america WAHT-SA1 S-Air Wireless Speaker Kit will be just what you are looking for.

Fully compatible with the Sony HT-IS100 speaker system and the Sony HT-SS360 Blu-ray home cinema system, the Sony WAHT-SA1 is a module that allows you to be much more flexible with the positioning of your rear speakers, and benefit from potentially improved surround sound effects as a result. Because of their small size the golf ball speakers can be quite directional so to get the full benefit it is advisable to position them in the optimum position. Having wires trailing to the rear speakers often hinders this, so the WAHTSA1 is an ideal low cost upgrade for owners having these problems.

Sony WAHT-SA1 S-Air Wireless Speaker KitThe system itself is quite simple – simply insert the wireless transmitter into your existing compatible amplifer, insert the wireless transceiver and your existing rear speakers into the supplied surround sound amplifier, and run through the simple set up process.

Although it will probably be hidden away, the main surround sound amplifier is still a very neat looking unit and at 345mm long, by 85mm high and 100mm wide it is really not that big so shouldn’t be a problem to keep out of sight if you wish, and at 1.7Kg it is heavy enough not to slide around at the slightest breeze!

What to consider before you buy the Sony WAHT-SA1 S-Air Wireless Speaker Kit

The kit is only compatible with the DAVDZ560, DAVDZ660, DAVIS10, HTD890IS and Sony HT-IS100.

Why you should buy the Sony WAHT-SA1 S-Air Wireless Speaker Kit

A low cost upgrade for your compatible system but providing great convenience. Rating: 4/5

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  1. GShocka says:

    So if i use this system with my HT IS100 both of my rear speakers will be wirless and i can keep them away?

  2. GShocka says:

    also when i use this product will i use the rear view speakers and the golfball’s are the ones that are wireless and i hear the sound from them?

    1. That’s correct, the rear speakers will become wireless with the WAHT-SA1

  3. Robroo says:

    would this wireless kit be compatible with DAVIS-50??

  4. John Nyabwa says:

    Will this unit come with the wirless transmitter for a DAV-560?
    Will I have to buy other items to, ie transmitters/reciver to conect with WAHT-SA1 S-Air Kit

  5. Opthimus says:

    Hi i got one like this. Are there 3d player compatible with this kit? Thanks

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