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Pioneer S-HS100 Compact 5.1 Speaker Set

The Pioneer S-HS100 is a 5.1 speaker set that offers a compact size and an affordable compact price too.

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Image of Pioneer S-HS100 Compact 5.1 Speaker Set

Pioneer S-HS100 Compact 5.1 Speaker Set

by on March 24th, 2011 | Comment | Share

Compact speaker sets are always popular because they can offer the much sought after surround sound without impeding too much on the decoration of a room, and are of course much easier to site and position. Whilst most home cinema systems come with smaller speakers, the more affordable separate speaker packages are a little harder to come by.

The Pioneer S-HS100 is from the outset very tempting because it offers a set of five powerful speakers and a subwoofer, from a top quality brand, all put together in an attractive compact package.

The front and rear speakers both have a single 7.7cm full range come type woofer, and output an impressive 150w. The speaker housing is just over 10cm square but are quite heavy at 0.8kg, and come complete with wall mounting brackets if you don’t want to buy additional stands.

Pioneer S-HS100 Compact 5.1 Speaker SetThe Pioneer S-HS100 centre speaker still contains the same size woofer and has the same power output but is much bigger at 270mm wide and has been designed to sit below or above the television nicely.

The subwoofer has a 16cm cone woofer but still remains relatively compact at 230mm wide by 408mm high and 344mm deep with a weight of 6.5kg.

All the five speakers take standard cable so will be compatible with all separate home cinema amplifiers such as the Onkyo TX-SR309. The subwoofer takes a standard RCA cable which is supplied.

What to consider before you buy the Pioneer S-HS100

Although the power output is respectable for a speaker of their size, if you have a larger room or require a bigger sound, then the total power of this speaker set may be a little on the low side for some. Speaker cable is not supplied so you will need to factor in this cost also.

Why you should buy the Pioneer S-HS100

The SHS100 is a 5.1 speaker set that is ideal for anyone who wants a good looking separate speaker set from a top brand – but the cost is one of the real bonuses here, and for this price, you can’t go far wrong.
Rating: 4/5

Pioneer S-HS100 Best Prices

Large image of Pioneer S-HS100

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6 Comments to “Pioneer S-HS100 Compact 5.1 Speaker Set”

darrell on November 13, 2011 said:

i have a pioneer dcs-370 5.1 system, my front speakers are 60w each could i replace them with the shs100 front speakers.

andythebrave on June 14, 2012 said:

To correct the ‘What to consider’ section in the article, speaker cable is supplied (although it’s very weedy).

Home Cinema Buyer on June 27, 2012 said:

Thanks, andythebrave!

mat on December 7, 2012 said:

Hi, I have purchased these speakers and very impressed with the sound,albeit it’s in a small room but it’s got plenty of power. I have mounted the front speakers onto the wall with hidden cables but would like stands for rear speakers to be able to move them about. Can you recommend any speaker stands that will hold/fit these speakers? Thanks mat.

unidentified on December 27, 2012 said:

I`m not an expert, but I want to know if there is a possibility of connecting this home cinema system to the computer without any receiver. Shop assistant told me it is impossible. Is it?. Thanks for help.

Home Cinema Buyer on January 3, 2013 said:

You could, but you’d need a very good soundcard capable of providing a powerful enough signal to the speakers. The speaker set has no internal amplification.

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