Onkyo TX-SR309 Home Cinema Receiver

Onkyo has a long list of AV receivers in their 2011/12 TX series. Situated near the very beginning of this lineup is the entry-level Onkyo TX-SR309. With a decent price tag, many consumers would expect that Onkyo skimped out on the features. It is true, the TX-SR309 does not have some of the functions and specs that its bigger brothers and sisters may boast, but it is one of the most complete budget AV receivers on the market. A closer inspection is necessary to see exactly how this receiver compares to the similar Sony and Panasonic models that have flooded the market.

The outward appearance of the Onkyo TX-SR309 is similar to nearly every other model in this series of AV receivers. A matte black or brushed steel body (shown above) houses a large swath of inputs and outputs at the front and rear of the machine. This particular model features 3 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output, 2 HDTV 720p x 1080i inputs, 5 composite video inputs, a subwoofer pre out, 6 analog audio inputs, 3 digital audio inputs, and a series of colour-coded speaker terminals. The front of this receiver features a headphone jack, a USB port, and inputs for digital video. The essential functions can be controlled by the selector buttons and volume knob surrounding the simplistic LED screen. The advanced functions can be controlled on an ergonomic on-screen menu and the provided controller.

Onkyo TX-SR309 Home Cinema ReceiverWhile the internet and wireless options were not included on the Onkyo TX-SR309, it performs all of the basic functions brilliantly. All of the HDMI and digital inputs were developed to work flawlessly with both 3D and high definition videos. This receiver also works with all major styles and brands of MP3 players including the iPod and the iTouch. It also includes a feature that very few companies outside of Onkyo have perfected. This is the ability to search and manipulate playlists on MP3 players through the on-screen menu and the controller.

With a long list of impressive specs and helpful features, the Onkyo TX-SR309 is a great way to begin development of the perfect home entertainment system. Whether you’re looking for a streamlined way flip buy herbal soma through dozens of radio stations or become fully-immersed in your gaming, this entry-level AV receiver is there to help.

What to consider before you buy the Onkyo TX-SR309

Whilst the 309 is packed with features, it’s entry level status is obvious, from the spring clip speaker connections on the rear to the lack of an Audyssey auto set up. If you want more bells and whistles, and you’re happy to spend more money, the next model in the range, the TX-NR509, might be what what you’re looking for.

Why you should buy the Onkyo TXSR309 Home Cinema Receiver

Despite the minor shortcomings mentioned above, the 309 really does have all the main essentials. The three HDMI inputs as well as the host of other connection options on the rear, and the USB port on the front, really will make it an ideal home entertainment hub. If you’re looking to get your first amplifier and looking to spend under £250, then this is as good a place to start as any. Highly recommended. Rating: 4.5/5

Onkyo TX-SR309 Best Prices

Rear of Onkyo TX-SR309

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  1. paul basten says:

    hi i intend to buy an onkyo txsr 371, i just have one question, i have a yamaha powered sub,which i intend to use with the amp, on the sub there are two inputs, left and right, but i notice there is only one sub output on the amp, please can you tell me how i would connect the amp and the sub? thankyou

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