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JVC DLA-X7 3D Projector Review


By Steve May

JVC has built an enviable reputation for its D-ILA home cinema projector range. Scooping awards with almost tedious regularity, the brand has provided plenty of AV fans with a compelling reason to spend slightly more than they might otherwise have planned.

Crisp detail, deep dynamic blacks, super-fast response time – JVC’s proprietary tech ticks all the right boxes for a discerning cinephile. And now it’s added what it says is the killer app for projection: 3D.

JVC is the first to ship genuine home cinema grade models, in the shape of the £3,600 DLA-X3, £6,600 DLA-X7 and £9,600 DLA-X9 models.

To learn more, the Home Cinema Buyer team was invited to JVC’s London HQ for an exclusive hands-on session with the mid-placed model, the DLA-X7, and we can report that it’s a stunning product.

JVC DLA-DX7 3D Projector ReviewThe JVC DLA-X7 is every inch an enthusiast’s projector. It offers ISF calibration, a one button THX preset and a host of picture parameter controls. One feature we particularly liked was the ability to tailor the projector to the type of screen it’s used with. If your screen is white, grey or one of a number of specific variations, you can optimize the projector to match.

For our test session, we reviewed the DLA-X7 with both 3D and 2D Blu-rays, plus a Sky 3D feed.
Pushing the projector to its limit was the Monaco track sequence from Iron Man 2. Proving that it can look great right out the box, we watched using the THX mode. Make no mistake, as a 2D HD projector this is one of the best you can buy.

But what really sets these models apart is 3D. Delivering a truly cinematic experience with Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, the result was as convincing as anything you might experience at your local multiplex. Crosstalk effects were minimal to the point of irrelevant, and the image really popped off the screen.

Our only reservation about the new JVC models is that the 3D sync transmitter is separate from the projector itself. It’s designed to bounce off from the screen, so has to be mounted near the lens, which may create problems for installers.

JVC is bundling one pair of ExpanD Active shutter glasses with each projector, additional glasses are £160 each.

What to consider before you buy the JVC DLA-X7 3D Projector

If you want to enjoy an even higher contrast, the class leading ratio of 100,000:1 on the JVC DLA-X9 could be worth spending the extra on.

Why you should buy the JVC DLA-X7 3D Projector

“I really didn’t think we could improve on last years models,” JVC’s projection guru Steve Carter told us, “but this new range is a significant step forward. We think that 3D and home cinema projection is a natural fit. It’s so much more involving watching 3D on a giant screen, than a TV.” We’re inclined to agree. And then some. Rating: 4.5/5

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Rear of JVC DLA-DX7 3D Projector


  1. I have installed my new x7 about a week ago. It works great in 3D with the signal from the Sky 3D channel but my PS3 does not recognise as a 3D display. I have downloaded the 3.56 firmware, I am using a 1.4 HDMI cable and generally doing evErything according to instructions in the PS3 and the X7 instructions. Please, help.

  2. Hello Juraj,

    I have the same problem with the X9… Have you found a solution yet? If so, please let me know.


  3. hi guys, with sky box did you just hook up or did you need a seperate conversion box such as the optama to watch the 3d (side by side) channels ?

  4. Russ: as you probably know by now you just hook up the X7 to your SkyHD digibox and set the setting under: Picture – HDMI – 3D from AUTO to side-by side.

    Kaj: I have not solved the problem yet. I hoped that the new firmware would sort it out somehow but it did not. Have you sorted it out? Have you talked to the dealer that sold you the X7 whether it works for others?

  5. @Juraj
    You have to re run the hdmi setup in your ps3 menu. After that it will work fine.
    I got a X3 which works with 3d, but i got the problem of massive crosstalk, to much for comfort.
    If I watch the same movie from beginning to end, and I start over again with the same movie the crosstalk is gone????
    How is that possible ???
    Help please…..

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