Optmized Cable Company Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

Optmized Cable Company Ultra High Speed HDMI CableWhilst many UK home cinema fans might not be familiar with the US based Optmized Cable Company, they certainly will be with a certain ‘Monster Cables’ brand. Confused? We’ll explain…

Optmized Cables produce a vast array of cables and accessories, from the essential digital HDMI and DVI cables right through to Component and Optical cables. The cable we’re looking at today is the Optimized Ultra-High Speed HDMI Cable.

First impressions of the cable are impressive. The gold plated connectors are securely moulded onto the cable to ensuring a long lasting connection, but they are also pleasantly lightweight. This is important as a heavy cable will often pull the plug out of the HDMI socket leading to a loss of signal. The cable itself is surprisingly thin at only 7mm, which will enable it to easily run though the tighter gaps in your home set up and be hidden away where thicker cables might not.

Optmized HDMI Cable Close UpThe cable is made from 28 AWG (American Wire Gauge) and is fully compliant with the HDM 1.3b1 specification. As we mentioned above, many UK customers will be familiar with Monster Cables, and so will be pleased to note that this HDMI Cable has been certified HDMI in the same North American plant that Monster Cable receives their HDMI rating. No mean feat, especially when this cable is coming in at a substantially less expensive price than an equivalent Monster cable.

Things to consider with Optmized Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

Unfortunately, Optimized don’t currently ship outside the US and Canada, so us UK customers are out of luck at the moment. We’ll let you know if that changes though.

Why you should buy the Optmized Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

Performance is every bit as good as some of the other high quality HDMI cables we have tested, and the thin cable jacket will mean it is easier to conceal.

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Optmized HDMI Cable Close Up

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