Sony BDP-S370 Under £100 again

Sony BDP-S370 Under £100 againThe price keeps dipping down, but it just as quickly goes up again. That’s right, the best value top brand Blu-ray player on the market at the moment, the Sony BDP-S370 has just dipped under £100 again.

With good build quality, amazing design and the ability to make it wireless with the addition of the Sony UWA-BR100 wireless dongle the BDP-S370 is fantastic value for money. In fact we reckon that between the four Sony Blu-ray players out at the moment, the only two we’d struggle to choose between is this model and the built in Wi-Fi version, the Sony DBP-S570.

At this price it also makes it a much better buy than the Panasonic DMP-BD45 which is similarly priced, but lacking some of the features of the S370.

And if the deal wasn’t sweet enough, Amazon are also giving away a free Amazonbasics HDMI cable with the player too, and of course there is the free delivery, so the £99.99 is really all you’ll have to pay.

If this is like the previous deals we’ve seen on this model, and especially as we’re now on the run up to Christmas, we don’t expect the offer will last long – so order now to avoid missing out!

This link will take you straight to What are you waiting for?! Buy! Buy! Buy!

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