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Sony VAT Back Promotion Gives Some Amazing Deals


Sony VAT Back PromotionSony have just launched a great new deal in the run up to Christmas which will effectively reduce the price you pay on selected products by quite a tidy sum and makes some of the best Blu-ray players and home cinema systems we’ve seen this year, even better value.

It’s called the Sony VAT Back promotion because Sony will effectively give back to you the difference between the pre-VAT price, and the final selling price.

The promotion runs from the 28th October 2010 until the 24th December 2010, and you have to claim the money back by sending off a form and your receipt, but it’s quite simple to do:

  1. Buy any of the products included in the Sony VAT Back offer
  2. Download and complete the Sony VAT Back claim form and send off with your receipt
  3. Send off and wait for cheque from Sony!

There is a simple way to work out how much you’ll get back, as demonstrated below:

VAT Back Calculation:
Retail Pay ÷ 1.175 = Net Price
Retail Price – Net Price = VAT Saving
For example:
£500 ÷ 1.175 = £425.53
£500 – £425.53 = £74.47
VAT back saving = £74.47

The Sony VAT Back promotion is only available on selected products – we’ve listed the Blu-ray players and home cinema systems below, together with a rough idea of the final cost to you after you have received your cash back:

We especially like the deals on the BDV-E370 and the BDP-S570 and these are already great value systems and this makes them even better. There are a few more products in the promotion too such as video cameras, camcorders and many televisions, and you can see a full list on the Amazon.co.uk website. You’ll notice that the very popular BDP-S370 Blu-ray player is excluded from the offer which is a bit of a shame, but being such a big seller and at a good price already, we presume Sony felt it didn’t need any further price cuts.

So if you are looking for a new Blu-ray player, or the latest high definition home cinema system, then this promotion makes some of the best systems around at the moment, even sweeter deals for a very happy home cinema Christmas!


  1. It’s a shame that they didn’t include any player-free packages. As I bought a PS3 last Xmas, I’m only after an amp & speakers setup. Any suggestions for a good value set?

  2. Such a great offer I bought 3 TV’s from them from my local dealer who promptly delivered them to my door. What I and he weren’t aware of is the offer was limited to 2 identical products only – so Sony rejected my claim, asked to re-submit it with a warning that if I didn’t send the revised offer in by the end of January my claim would be void. I suppose I should have read the small print although it was delivered to me with the TV’s after I bought them and my assumption was Sony would be pleased with me buying more of their products – wasn’t that the point of the offer????. Fortunately my local dealer will make up the difference but this seems a little unfair on a small local trader. I’ll think twice before buying Sony next time.

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