Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB/microUSB Flash Drive Review

A few years ago, running out of storage space on your Android phone could be solved as simply as popping in a bigger Micro SD Card. Unfortunately iPhone users, and popular modern smartphones like the Nexus 4/5 and the HTC One (M7) have built-in memory only, so this is no longer an option.

Kingtson DataTraveler microDuo with cover openThis is where the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo could help. It’s a flash drive with a dual USB and microUSB plug that you can plug into the socket on many modern Android smartphones to instantly expand the storage available.

It’s an attractive little thing too – measuring just 28mm x 17mm it’s small enough to attach to your keys (using the supplied lanyard) and not get in the way. It’s also well made with a smart brushed aluminium outer, and a plastic protective cap which swivels to reveal the microUSB plug.

Kingtson DataTraveler microDuo with cover overCompatibility is pretty good – if your device supports the USB OTG (On-The-Go) standard it is plug and play. Just attach it to your device and transfer the files you wish. Many smartphones running Android 4.0 and on should be compatible, but check the Kingston website to make sure. Notable exceptions are the Nexus 4/5 and Moto G.

In use , the performance of the USB 2.0 drive is good – I didn’t measure exact throughput but it certainly seemed quick enough for me.

Available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, there is plenty of choice available to give your phone or tablet a good storage boost.

What to consider

Although you can use the DataTraveler microDuo as a normal USB 2.0 flash drive, if your phone doesn’t support the USB OTG standard you may as well buy a normal USB stick so it’s best to check the link above first.

Why you should buy the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo

If your phone does support USB OTG, and you find yourself needing more space from time to time, then the DataTraveler microDuo is a really neat, and nicely designed solution. You don’t pay a premium for it either with prices very similar to standard flash drives. Rating: 4/5

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