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What To Look For When Choosing Home Cinema Seating


Home Cinema SeatingWhen you’ve spent time and money on creating the perfect home cinema system, it’s important to complete the look by adding in some stylish seating.

Whilst you may have spent hours researching which amplifier and speakers, the place you sit often does not get the same amount of attention – and yet it is one area that can have as much a bearing on your enjoyment as the home cinema system and the film itself.

Here are some tips on what to look for from your seating when trying to get that cinema feel to ensure that you always get the best seats in the house.


Le Grande  Home Cinema InclinersOne thing that most cinemas are notorious for is their uncomfortable seating. However, having your own home cinema can solve this problem by allowing you to choose the seating that you find most comfortable.

Most quality recliners will have a number of adjustments available to help you find your optimum position for watching films.


Stressless Space Home Cinema SeatingDon’t rely on a simple sofa to complete your cinema set up. Opt for something that will add an exciting cinema feel to your room and help to differentiate between that and your normal everyday living room.

Adding a splash of luxury can help to achieve that exclusive cinema experience.


Arion Home Cinema Sofa Concealed StorageChoose a chair that will give you everything you need all in one place. There’s nothing worse than having to keep getting up to grab more snacks or to adjust the volume.

Make sure your home cinema seating provides plenty of cleverly concealed storage and substantial arm rests so that you have loads of room to keep your refreshments and the TV controller close at hand.


Arion Home Cinema SofaOne of the best things about going to the cinema is being able to enjoy the experience with the people you care about.

Recreate this atmosphere in your own home with recliners that link up to one another in rows. Now you can invite over as many friends and family members as you like to enjoy the latest blockbusters together.

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