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Edifier R2000DB Multimedia Speaker Review


Following my recent review of the R1700BT model, this review focuses on the bigger brother, the R2000DB.

The R200DB is more a powerful, slightly bigger, and heavier multimedia speaker, with a striking high gloss finish – but are they a worthy upgrade over the R1700BT?

First Impressions

Side profile of the Edifier R2000DBAs with all Edifier products, first impressions are good. The speakers have a reassuring weight to them, and the glossy black finish lends the speakers a slightly classier finish over the wood veneer finish of the R1700’s.

The grilles are removable of course, and are actually supplied separately, so perhaps Edifier prefer them to be used without. They look good with or without the grilles, but perhaps not surprisingly, more ‘industrial’ without.

The sides of the speaker have a nice curve to make them look less like plain boxes, and this works especially well with the gloss finish.

Around the back of the speaker we have a small selection of connections and audio dials, including volume, bass and treble, an optical cable socket, and two pairs of RCA inputs. Note there are no computer audio jacks – you’ll have to hope your PC comes with red and blue RCA outputs, or you’ll have to use the 3.5mm headphone to RCA cable supplied.

There is also the option for playback using Bluetooth which adds to the flexibility of the speaker.

Overall the speakers look good and a bit more substantial than the R1700’s. Although one feature we did prefer on the R1700’s was the audio dials on the side of the speaker – it’s just easier and prevents having to reach around the back all the time – especially if you’ve got them positioned back to a wall.

More power, more sound

Front image of the Edifier R2000DBAs you’d expect, with around double the power, the R2000’s sound more substantial. This is especially obvious when listening to music, with a warmth and power that is almost ‘vinyl like’. The clarity is not as sharp as I would have liked but is still more than acceptable.

Whereas the R1700’s struggled with PC gaming audio, the R2000’s are much more accomplished, giving a real presence to games that just wasn’t there before. Although you’d lack the full surround effects from a 5.1 gaming speaker system, these speakers are extremely capable of providing an all encompassing sound experience. This is true even on older games like Just Cause 2, where the gun shots and radio calls are much clearer and pronounced.

Image of the Edifier R2000DB remote controlAs well as the sound quality, there are the other extra touches we’ve come to expect from Edifier.

The mini remote control is easy to use and high quality and controls all the major functions. And other things like the supplied cables are all decent lengths, and save having to buy extras.

Other details like the small LED on the front of the right speaker that changes colour depending on the source (RCA, optical or Bluetooth), just adds to the overall feeling of well thought out design.

Best Prices

Our verdict
  • Design
  • Performance
  • Features

Edifier R2000DB: Powerful and accomplished

As an all rounder, the R2000DB speakers are very accomplished. Good for studio work, music playback and gaming they are a very nice improvement over the R1700’s. They look better, sound better and have a few extra details to justify their increased price. They are quite big though, so are not the best choice if you only want them for gaming.

We miss the side control buttons seen on their smaller brother, and they perhaps don’t look as interesting, but the gloss black finish is more appealing and if you’re desperate for the side control buttons, you can always go further up the range to the R2730DB…


  1. Hi,I have a pair of EDIFIER R2000DB bookshelf speaker,is there any possibility to add a center speaker and where to connect? thank you.

    • You’d need a dedicated 5.1 amp or a soundcard that has 5.1 outputs in order to use the centre channel. You could use any speaker with compatible connections to do this, but you’re always better having speakers of the same make and range across the front channel. I suppose you could buy another pair of the R2000DB speakers and just use one, but that would be a bit wasteful. You’d be better off buying a proper set of 5.1 speakers in my opinion.

  2. Would you happen to know where I could find an extension cable so I can position these speakers farther apart? I’m having a hard time finding one.

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