Lindy Mains Conditioner Power Strip

Lindy Mains Conditioner Power StripThe Lindy Mains Conditioner is a six way extension socket that has been designed to help you get the best possible sound and video performance from your home cinema equipment.

The electrical signal that comes into your house is very often not completely ‘clean’ and there will usually be some interference, electrical noise and ‘spikes’ on the signal which can find their way into, and effect the sound or visual quality of your television, DVD or Blu-ray players, and amplifiers. In addition to these external effects, every electrical device in your home can cause the electrical signal to spike – such as when your refrigerator kicks in. This can cause drop-outs in sound, and interference and pixelation of the television signal (especially when viewing Freeview) and often a loud click or thud from your speakers. The Lindy Mains Conditioner Power Strip has been designed to neutralise these effects and so increase your viewing pleasure and decrease any potential damage to your equipment.

Many people have reported very good results with the Lindy Mains Conditioner (What Hifi Magazine recently gave it five stars) and have seen an improvement – especially with the picture quality when viewing Freeview on LCD televisions. The mains conditioner works especially well in older houses or where there is a lot of electrical equipment. It is difficult to tell completely accurately how well the Lindy Mains Conditioner is doing its job unless you can inject some spikes and noise onto electrical signal, and as our power supply already appears to be quite clean so there was little in the way of improvements to be made. All the time we have used it (and it is in permanent use in our set up) we have not noticed any visual or audible drop outs so it does appear to be doing its cleaning job well. However, the area where we did notice an improvement was the reduction in hiss through the speakers. This test was performed by simply turning on the amplifer and DVD player, cranking up the volume whilst leaving the DVD player stopped and listening for the hiss through the speakers – there was a definite reduction when using the conditioner.

What to consider before you buy the Lindy Mains Conditioner

Whilst most people should see or hear an improvement, others may get very little or no benefits from the conditioning aspects of the power strip and will only benefit from the protection element.

Why you should buy the Lindy Mains Conditioner

If you want to give your devices the best possible chance of performing to their maximum potential, and you want to protect your equipment at the same time, the Lindy Mains Conditioner is an essential and good value investment. Rating: 4/5

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The Lindy Main Conditioner also comes with a two year warranty for added peace of mind.

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