How to improve the sound quality of your home cinema speakers

Home Cinema SpeakersIf you feel that your state of the art home cinema system is not functioning to its full potential, you may find there is a problem with your speakers.

To ensure you receive the best viewing experience possible, listed below are our top three tips on how to improve the sound quality of your home cinema system speakers:

1. Find the optimum position for your speakers

It is worthwhile to consider the angle in which you position your home cinema system speakers, and the distance between them and your seating. As a rule, you should aim to form an equilateral triangle between your speakers and your ears. Therefore, if your seating is 10ft from your home cinema system then your speakers should have 10ft of distance between one another. Moreover, you should tilt both of your speakers at an angle that is as close to your ear level as possible. Although this speaker and seating repositioning may seem insignificant, it can actually have a major impact on the overall sound quality of your home cinema system.

2. Modify reflective surfaces

Did you know that your walls, windows, flooring and ceiling can all affect the sound quality of your home cinema system? This is due to the fact that the sound produced from your speakers is reflected by the surfaces within your home cinema room. These surfaces can create excessive noise and distort the original pitch quality that was produced by your speakers. As such, you should endeavour to soften the hard surfaces within your home cinema room. Simply placing sheets over the walls and windows within the room or placing some sound absorbing panels along your ceiling and flooring can rectify this issue. In fact, these quick and cost-effective solutions could exponentially improve the sound quality of your home cinema system for many years to come!

3. Streamline your speaker collection

If you currently own a myriad of speakers that have been manufactured by various different brands then your home cinema system may not be producing the sound quality that it deserves. Given that each brand of speakers features it own distinctive sound signature, if you try to combine multiple brands then the sound generated by your left, right and centre speakers will be out of sync. As a result, it is highly recommended that you purchase speakers that have all been manufactured by the same brand when investing in a home cinema system. The end result will be a significantly more immersive, seamless and enjoyable viewing experience.

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  1. david young says:

    Thanks for some very helpful and fundermental tips.
    We all must begin here to have any semblance of a basic and good sounding audio for the hobby.

    My Home Cinema consists of the following stuff!!
    A dedicated room in our basement. The ceiling of which was loaded with sound deadening insulation. (Master Bed Room above)
    PROJECTOR (JVD DILA 70R); SCREEN (No Name 106″ diagonally); A 5.1 AUDIO SYSTEM by Tannoy Definition Speakers.; BLUE RAY PLAYERS: OPPO and SONY; AUDIO VIDEO RECEIVER by MARANTZ; SEATING for 4 (cinema reclining chairs )

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