Should you buy the Sony BDP-S360 or BDP-S363 Blu-ray Player?

Sony BDP-S363 Blu-ray PlayerManufacturers often like to confuse us with model numbers and names, and finding out the difference between the models is often difficult. The new Sony BDP-S363 Blu-ray player is especially tricky though as even to the keenest eye, it is impossible to tell it apart from the Sony BDP-S360. Until you see the remote controls that is.

The Sony BDP-S363 has a pleasant amber backlit remote control whereas the Sony BDP-S360 doesn’t. Apart from this difference, they are the same in every other way – the looks, the internals, everything..

So, which one should you buy? Well, assuming that you want the backlit remote, the S363 is the obvious choice and is the one we’d choose. Of course you need to consider if the price difference is worthwhile – and as of today there is a £10 premium to pay for the S363. Of course prices change all the time, and you’d be wise to keep an eye on the pricing tables on each of the review pages on this site (Links: Sony BDP-S363 Sony BDP-S360). But, unless the price difference widens alot, we think £10 is a premium worth paying for the backlit remote control.

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