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DVD Players


The essential DVD Player not only provides the most cost effective way to get your film collection to the screen, but the latest players also provide a host of other features, such as MP3 playback and USB connectivity to view your digital camera images.

The latest players are also capable of high quality upscaling to give you the optimum picture quality on your high definition screen without having to invest in a Blu-ray player.

Even if you already own a quality Blu-ray player, it still makes sense to keep a decent DVD player as well. If your movie collection includes discs from other regions, it is also a good idea to keep a multi-region DVD player handy when you want to watch that classic Region 1 version of Saving Private Ryan. They also make a good choice if you have children around – you’re less likely to wince when your eight year old nephew attempts to put his latest ‘Ben 10’ DVD into the DVD player than if he attempted the same on your £300 Blu-ray player!

The one thing DVD Players have against them now is that not only are Blu-ray players are coming down in price all the time, but of course buy antibiotics my chickens that they can play Blu-ray discs as well as DVD so they are more flexible.

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