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Upgrading Your Home Cinema


Like all technology, home cinema devices and audio visual components continue to improve, and unless you upgrade every year you’re likely to see some substantial improvements in sound and picture quality, as well as convenience, by upgrading to the latest products.

If you have a home cinema already, then you could be looking to take advantage of some of the latest technologies such as Blu-ray or 3D, either by upgrading your whole system, or just parts of it. See which option below best suits you and which products you could upgrade to.

Upgrade from a DVD Player

LG Blu-ray PlayerIf you have a DVD player at the moment, then the obvious upgrade for you is to buy a Blu-ray player. You can still play all your existing DVDs on them, but you’ll be able to buy your favourites, and the latest films with high tech special effects and enjoy them in crisp high definition.

Upgrade to a Blu-ray Player »

Upgrade from a DVD Home Cinema System

Panasonic Blu-ray Home Cinema System
Upgrading from a DVD based system to a new Blu-ray home cinema system means you will not only get much better picture quality, but you’ll also get to hear every little detail from the uncompressed high definition sound available on Blu-ray discs. They’ll still play all your existing DVDs of course, but you’ll be future-proof and be able to enjoy your favourites all over again.

Upgrade to a Blu-ray Home Cinema System

Upgrade from Wired Speakers

Wireless Home Cinema SystemPositioning the rear speakers on a 5.1 system can be tricky, so if you are looking to lose some wires, then a wireless speaker system will be just what you need. You can buy systems with the wireless adapter included, and with others you can purchase it separately now, or at a later date.

Upgrade to a Wireless Home Cinema System

Upgrade from 2.1 Surround Sound

Wireless Home Cinema SystemIf you’re finding that your 2.1 system isn’t giving the full surround sound effects you want, then upgrading to a full 5.1 system will – either a normal home cinema system or system with wireless speakers.

Upgrade to a 5.1 Home Cinema System

Upgrade from a 2D Blu-ray Player

Sony Home Cinema AmplifierTo to make sure you’re futureproofed and ready to be able to enjoy the new 3D movies, then upgrading is essential. To enjoy it you’ll need a compatible 3D television, as well as a 3D Ready Blu-ray player – which many are now.

Upgrade to a 3D Ready Blu-ray Player

Upgrade from an All In One System

Sony Home Cinema Amplifier
If you’re finding that your system is not giving you the flexibility or quality you need, then you’ve probably reached the limitations of an all in one system. The next obvious step is a separate amplifier, Blu-ray player and speaker package. You can still buy all this for not much more than a decent all in one system, but you’ll enjoy higher quality and all the connections you could ever need.

Upgrade to a Home Cinema Amplifier

Upgrade to Home Cinema Speakers

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