What to buy – the Sony BDP-S560 or the BDP-S360 Blu-ray Player?

Sony BDP-S560 Blu-ray PlayerThe Sony BDP-S360 has been a very popular Blu-ray player in the short time it has been for sale, and with prices coming down all the time it is not hard to see why with a good set of features and fine looks for a brilliant price.

Our price comparison tables have shown that the BDPS360 can be had for as little as £136 from some online stores – an absolutely massive bargain! So with the new mid range Sony BDP-S560 now launched, is it worth paying the extra £100 for a relatively small amount of additional features?

Well the choice is actually quite easy and essentially boils down to one thing – do you want built in wireless connectivity so you can easily enjoy the full benefits of Blu-ray downloadable content?

If no, remember that all the features of BD-Live such as extra trailers, news, games and additional bonus special features are one of the main reasons that BD-Live was introduced – and are a worthwhile addition for even non film buffs – so getting easy access to these through a wireless connection is a real benenfit. If you are the sort of person who never watches any of the additional features or content on your existing DVD discs, you could probably make do without, so save your money and get a few extra discs instead.

If yes, then it is definitely worth spending the extra £100ish to buy yourself the Sony BDP-S560 as it really is a pretty serious piece of kit, and easily one of the best Blu-ray players on the market today.

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