Logitech Harmony 555 Remote Control Review

Logitech Harmony 555The Logitech Harmony 555 can replace up to 15 remote control devices and with its advanced ‘activity’ based functions, is a sure way to make your home cinema system easier to use.

The Logitech Harmony 555 is an updated version of the popular Logitech Harmony 525. Aesthetically it is very similar and follows the general trend in moving away from silver coloured devices and components to more grey and black colour. The 555 also gains an orange backlit LCD screen rather than the blue on the 555. Apart from the looks of the remotes, the most obvious difference between the 525 and the 555 is the addition of two new buttons (‘sound’ and ‘picture’) being positions where the ‘mute’ and ‘prev’ previous buttons were, and these two moved just above the number pad. The buttons are a pleasant soft material and quite shallow but still easy to locate and press.

Setting up the Harmony 555 as we found out with the 525, is a breeze. Install the software onto your computer, update the devices database, and set up your devices. You can then test the devices work okay, and proceed to setting up your ‘Activity’s’ to really harness the power of this remote. To do this you can select from the pre-determined activities on the software or simply define your own. It is then a simple task of choosing what devices are used for what activity and anything special that may occur with your set up. The ‘watch a film’ activity we set up on our 525 was to turn on our dvd player, amplifier and projector, select the ‘dvd’ input on the amplifier, set the ‘HDMI’ input on the projector and turn off any other devices. This was all achieved with ease and worked first time, but even if it doesn’t, it is a simple case of connecting the remote back into your computer and tweaking anything that needs adjustment. All your settings and devices are backed up to your online Logitech Harmony account so you’ll always have a back up there. We were even able to upgrade all our setting from our previous remote, the (pre-Logitech) Harmony 655 to the new Logitech Harmony 525.

The devices takes 4 AAA batteries and we would expect these to last the same amount of time as the 525, in our case about six months.

What to consider before you buy the Logitech 555 Remote Control

Because the 555 is so similar in design to the 525 the thinness of the remote looks like it could present problems if it is bashed about a bit too much. And as with the 525 we would also have liked the ‘glow’ button to be easier to locate by touch. We also preferred the blue backlighting of the 525 over the orange of the 555

Why you should buy the Logitech 555 Remote Control

The slightly revised button layout of the 555 is a little improvement but not enough to make it a massive upgrade over the 525. We think that this one comes down to aesthetics – if you prefer the look of the 555, then this is the one to get! Rating: 4.5/5

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