A good time to go Blu-ray, Ray

Blu-ray logoDespite Blu-ray being well established for a while now, we are only just starting to see the prices on Blu-ray discs coming down in price.

We have seen some online stores selling Blu-ray discs for as little as £5 and although deals this good are still few and far between, we are starting to see Blu-ray discs at much more acceptable prices. Ghostbusters (hence the Ray ‘gag’ on the title – get it?!) on Blu-ray for example was nearly £20 only six months ago, but is available from Amazon for under £10 now – half the price. There are similar stories for plenty of other discs as well. Despite these more affordable prices though, Blu-ray is still more expensive than DVD which are at all time amazing value prices.

If you want the ultimate quality though high definition is the way to go, and if you haven’t bought into Blu-ray just yet, then now is a great time to do so with the discs at great prices and the players getting better and better. There are many great players around at the moment, and you can buy a top brand player from Sony like the BDP-S360 for under £150 now, or even the highly rated Panasonic DMP-BD 60 is only £170. If that is too much, then how about the Samsung BD-P1600 for only £130?

In the run up to Christmas we are very likely to see shortages again of the most in demand home cinema products, so if you want to get the latest kit in time for Christmas, our advice is to do it soon.

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