Yamaha DSP-AX463 Home Cinema Amplifier

Yamaha DSP-AX463 Home Cinema AmplifierLike it’s bigger brother, the Yamaha DSP-AX463 is a handsome home cinema amplifier with an understated but purposeful look.

The Yamaha DSP-AX463 Home Cinema Amplifier also shares much of the underlying technology with the AX563 so should provide a similar quality performance, albeit with slightly less power at 525W over a maximum of 5 speakers rather than the 563’s potential 7.

The AX463 has USB socket on the front for plugging in a USB device and you can also add a Yamaha iPod dock to get complete control over your digital music. This is one of the amplifiers strong points as not only is it capable of playing digital music from an external source, it has actually been designed to improve the quality of the compressed digital song tracks.
Also on the front of the amplifier there are four ‘SCENE’ buttons that give you quick access to a frequently used activity on your amplifiers, and these can be changed to any four of the sixteen available presets.

Round the back of the amplifier we have the usual array of speaker terminals, and phono sockets for a DVD player, CD player, tuner (this amplifier does not have a radio built in), and of course the now standard HDMI in and out.

Things to consider before you Buy Yamaha DSP-AX463 Amplifier

Like the AX563, the AX463 only has two HDMI inputs which could be a problem if you have a few consoles as well as a DVD or Blu-ray player to plug in. The 463 also cannot decode high definition audio such as DTS-HD Master or Dolby TrueHD, but it can accept a pre-decoded high definition signal from your blu-ray player, so this might not be a major issue.

Why you should buy the Yamaha DSP-AX463 Amplifier

The DSP-AX463 makes a great home cinema amplifier if you have loads of music stored on your iPod and you need good digital music reproduction and usability.

Yamaha DSP-AX463 Best Prices

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