Onkyo TX-SR607 Home Cinema Receiver

Onkyo TX-SR607 Home Cinema ReceiverThree years ago the original must have Onkyo AV Amplifier was the TX-SR605 and for very good reason. It packed a huge amount of features, including high definition audio capabilities and HDMI connectivity, into a great value, sub £400 package. Onkyo soon became the best selling AV brand in the UK. Now, two models on and the Onkyo TX-SR607 has been released with an eye watering feature set that is more comparable to one of their high end amplifiers of two years ago than it is to the SR605.

Onkyo TX-SR607 in SilverFirstly, although the amplifier is very similar in looks to the previous two models there are slight differences which overall give it a slightly cleaner finish. But there is no mistaking it is an Onkyo – and the brand have stuck to the tried and trusted, if slightly retro looking, design. Closer inspection reveals the physical differences – a wider display, neater button arrangement, and a very welcome HDMI socket on the front. Unlike the previous model, we think the Onkyo 607 looks as good in silver as it does in black, but it’s a personal choice.

The feature set is impressive and the TX-SR607 is 7.2 capable meaning that it has the connections and power to supply 2 subwoofers to give even the biggest of rooms enough bass to rock the fillings from your teeth. There are an additional five HDMI sockets on the rear to allow you to connect everything you could want – Blu-ray player, Sky HD, Playstation 3, XBOX 360, and even your trusty DVD player all at the same time.

The Onkyo TX-SR607 is fully loaded with support for all the audio decoding formats like DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD, but it also adds in some welcome video support too. As well as 1080p processing through HDMI, the Onkyo 607 will also upscale a Component or Composite input signal to 1080i through HDMI.

This model has now been replaced by the Onkyo TX-SR608

What to consider before you buy the Onkyo TX-SR607

As features go, the Onkyo 607 is lacking very little. Designed squarely as a home cinema amplifier, the resulting dynamic sound may not suit people who prefer something subtler.

Why you should buy the Onkyo TX-SR607

The feature set and sound for the money is fantastic. And even if you don’t need everything it has to offer right now, buying the 607 will ensure that in the future, you will still have an amp that can take whatever you can throw at it. Awesome. Rating: 4.5/5

Onkyo TX-SR607 Best Prices

Rear connections of Onkyo TX-SR607

Full specifications are available on the Onkyo website.

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  2. This is a Fantastic Amplifier which I just bought. Works like a treat. I would certainly recommend to anyone

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