Sony STR-DG520 Home Cinema Receiver Review

The Sony STR-DG520 sits towards the budget end of the home cinema amplifier range from Sony, but yet it is still able to deal with the latest high definition video requirements. The STR-DG520 is a typically styled home amplifier unit from Sony - slightly conservative but high quality looking. The looks are only part of the story though as with its two HDMI inputs, the 520 is able to pass through full HD video to your television. The plentiful supply of other inputs on the rear of the amplifier should also meet most peoples and help the 520 become the hub of your home cinema and music system. With its one touch 'Digital Cinema Auto Calibration' (DCAC), the 520 is simple to set up and helps you get the most from your room and speaker set up. The unit also comes with Sony's 'Digital Media Port' to enable you to play music from your Vaio laptop or compatible MP3 player.

What to consider before you buy the Sony STR-DG520 Home Cinema Receiver

To get the 520 into this competitive price bracket, Sony have had to leave out a few features on this model. Only having two HDMI inputs is one of the most obvious, but for some people the biggest drawback with the 520 could be its lack of high definition sound support. If you have a Playstation 3 and are looking to make the most of HD sound, the 520 is probably not the right choice the Sony STR-DG820 would be a better option.

Why you should buy the Sony STR-DG520 Home Cinema Receiver

Even with the drawbacks mentioned the 520 remains a very competitive home cinema amplifier, and is a good choice for anyone looking for a good value home cinema amplifier.

Sony STR-DG520 Best Prices

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