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Wireless Home Cinema Systems


Wireless Home Cinema SystemsOne of the perpetual annoyances many people have with home cinema systems is the amount of speakers you need to position and run cables for. Sure you can go for a 2.1 home cinema system where you’ve only got to position the two front speakers, but many people understandably want to go for a full 5.1 surround sound system. This is where wireless home cinema systems come in.

Over the last few years there have been a number of advances in wireless signal technology, and some of the big brands have brought out wireless home cinema systems so that you can enjoy the full surround sound effects, but with more flexibility and ease of positioning your speakers. They are also much improved and do not suffer the same audio drop outs that plagued the early models.

What to Consider Before you buy a Wireless Home Cinema System

Before you get too excited, the wireless element of these systems normally only refers to the rear speakers – and there are still cables involved. The systems generally have a wireless transmitter which you simply connect to the Blu-ray player/amplifier unit at the front, and a wireless receiver which you position at the rear of the room. These are both quite small so won’t intrude too much so you shouldn’t even notice they are there. You then simply connect the rear speakers to this receiver, and plug it in to you nearest plug socket.

Why you should buy a Wireless Home Cinema System

The biggest bonus with wireless surround sound systems is that it is much easier to place the rear speakers because you do not have to run cables all around your lounge. The other good news is that latest systems are a big improvement on the earlier models which did suffer from sound drop outs and interference.

If you want the convenience of cable free clutter and the ease of positioning, but still demand a full 5.1 surround system, then a wireless home cinema system will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Latest Wireless Home Cinema Systems

The following systems either already include wireless speakers, or allow you to purchase an optional kit which will enable them. The kit you need to buy will be detailed in the product description.

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